Diana Princess of Wales Rose

Diana Princess of Wales rose is a tall and lanky hybrid tea has large blooms. Their length is long and span generous; yet, when the buds begin to open, the blooms uncoil into a classic sculpted tea shape. As the blooms age, the petals relax and have a very slight backward flounce that makes for an enchanting flower even after the bloom is off the rose.

Diana, hybrid tea, rose, pink rose, pink rose bouquet

Hybrid Tea
Repeat Bloomer
Flower Size 6.7in (17cm)
Height/ Spread 6.6ft (2m)/ 3.3ft (1m)
Light and Sweet Fragrance
Zone 6

The coloring of this rose is interesting and constantly in transition. The inner petals, in their youth, are filled with cream. While a quick look at a young bloom might lead a passer-bye to think the petals have a bright pink edging, like Secret, this is not the case. Diana’s pink coloring has a substantial red/magenta pigment and there is no line of demarcation between its pink and cream.

Diana, hybrid tea, pink rose, rose

The pink bleeds through much of the outer third of most of the petals, and in their youth, the pink is close to Amaranth. As the blooms age, the pink fades into the center of more and more petals. The result is blooms that remain beautiful to their last days. The canes are very one-way and vertical: no ziggy-wiggy-ness to them.

Before buying, check to see how they do in your microclimate. While all an all, a lovely rose, I have seen it suffer rust and black spots when the air is moist. In order to keeps its leaves a shiny green, this rose will require your attention. The return on your efforts will be luscious blooms and a tall and lanky rose bush in that special place in your garden.

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