Pink Floribunda Rose Bushes

Pink floribunda rose bushes, part bouquet blooming hybrid tea rose, part hearty flower festooned polyantha, are a wonderful cut flower garden roses that thrive in the yard and landscape.

More for Less Effort with Easy Keeper Floribundas

Generally, they require less attention than their hybrid tea relatives. They were popular from the first days they became available to the public. Appreciation for them continues to grow every season.

While some can be diminutive and grow to only about 2 feet, most are much larger and some can be quite massive. Many have thick glossy leaves that are highly disease resistant.

Their blooms come in multiple flower clusters supported by 3 or more closely branched stems. Rose breeders made sure many floribundas have roses that look like long stem roses from hybrid teas.

Originally bred in Denmark, compared to hybrid teas, they do better in cooler Zones. Yet another reason to seriously consider them when designing your garden.

Some of the taller ones would make a delightful privacy hedge and will fill your field of view when planted near a first floor window. Three or more planted together make a substantial wonderful color statement.

They are also super additions to any cutting garden because of the bloom repeatedly and the sheer quantity of roses in every cluster is amazing.

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