Front Yard Design with Roses


The following front yard designs with roses show that roses and other plants can be used in many ways to create anything from visual appeal, to privacy by simple variations of use.

Right, this already charming French style country home is tucked behind a stand of unique and gorgeous healthy teas and floribunda roses. This stand of blooms and lush foliage faces southward. If you have the same sunny side of the street south view, roses are plants that can do well in the sun. The tree in the background does give some shade in the afternoon.


Each Hybrid Tea produces buckets of cutting flowers. You could take some for your favorite vase and still have more than enough to fill this flower bed.

Driveway Ideas and Roses


This lovely blue flag stone driveway is so well done. Yet, the lovely flower garden at its side, makes the the front yard and driveway that much more attractive.

The side gate and arbor block out the house next door, The overall effect is one of privacy even though the house and drive are close to the street and house next door.
Since the driveway is made of such solid stone and the grout is laid out in heavy dramatic accent lines, the light and breezy roses provide a balance for the yard.

Front Yard Design Fast Gallery

A Gallery of Pics featuring different front yard designs. Some with roses and some without. All, we think, have their own charm and are great examples of real life front yards. We hope you find them helpful and inspirational.

Turning Over a New Leave and Garden


If you have ever wondered what a well prepared front yard looks like before planting, wonder no more.

The soil in this yard has been turned over and amended with rich organic compost. It looks light and fluffy and easy to plant on.

Someone obviously did a lot of work to prepare their front yard to be plant friendly.

Walk This Way


Next to this house is a lovely, yet simple to install, bed of flowers. The two rose bushes are repeat lush bloomers and play the role of garden glamazon.

The charming country style side path intersects with a prick walkway. All together, this yard is charming and pleasing to the eye.


The entire garden is very animated and has a lot going on. A solid layer of mulch should keep the weeds down and help conserve water.

The look of the country style stone paver path and the brick walk way go well together in this walkway that runs a short but important distance, from the street to the sidewalk.

Front Yard Design and Creating A Point of View


In this design, an arbor is used to frame a cottage's front yard. At the same time, the arbor blocks distract from large house that would otherwise be all you would see as you walked down the path toward the cottage.

The screen effect of the arbor is carried on by the dark green and tall foliage to the arbor's left.

When considering your front yard design options, arbors and roses can become one of your best design friends.

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