Honor Rose

Honor Rose is the classic 1980 AARS winner rose with a slight hint of lemon at the center that accentuates its glowing white color.

Hybrid Tea
Repeat Bloomer
Flower Size 5.5in (14cm)
Height/ Spread 5.7ft (1.75m)/ 4.1ft (1.25m)
Medium and Sweet Fragrance
Zone 6
AARS 1980

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Its flowers open up slowly from elegantly formed buds to reveal golden stamens at the center. Honor’s stems begins as a bronze red and matures into a dark and glossy green.

This comely and divine rose grows in a beautiful high centered form, on long stems and full flowers.

The stems also grow unusually thick making this rose perfect for cutting and popular for exhibition.

pink rose, roses, pink rose pictures, rose pictures This California native and hearty rose is rarely troubled by disease and flourishes in warm climates.

This rose maintains its honor and is a flower with which a gardener can never go wrong.

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