Montezuma Rose

Montezuma rose is one of a kind with its startling contrast between coral pink and orange yellow blooms.

Repeat Bloomer
Flower Size 4.3in (11cm)
Height/ Spread 4.1ft (1.25m)/ 3.3ft (1m)
Light and Fruity Fragrance
Zone 6

montezuma This angelic and dazzling rose begins with yellow tint that fades from the opening bud. When it is fully open, the color has changed to a uniform and superb salmon pink.

You, or anyone else, can enjoy and admire the extraordinary change in Montezuma’s colors.

This breathtaking addition to your garden is elegantly shaped, well held, and robust.

Montezuma, also the name of a heroic-god of certain Amerindian tribes, is also extremely vigorous and can flourish, and in fact fairs best, in hot and dry climates. To learn how you can encourage Montezuma's growth take a couple of minutes to read about How to Plant Roses and learn How to Care for your Roses.

montezuma2 Overall, this rose cannot be matched by another. This tasteful and dynamic rose is ideal for those seeking distinctive roses, especially in warmer climates.

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