Peace Rose Bush

Peace rose bush, the most famous of roses, is a true classic. Created in France in 1946, it was on the last plane that left Paris before the Occupation and it was the first floral symbol of the United Nations.

Peace, hybrid tea, rose, pink rose, pink rose bouquet

Hybrid Tea
Repeat Bloomer
Flower Size 5.5in (14cm)
Height/ Spread 4.9ft (1.5m)/ 4.1ft (1.25m)
Medium and Sweet Fragrance
Zone 6
AARS 1946

The Peace rose bush didn’t get famous by making excuses. If you want a rose that says simply and without hesitation, “I am here and I am gorgeous,” this rose is for you.

It has an aura in its sum and parts. When I first saw it, the movie Casablanca instantly came to mind. All at the same time, it is fine yet substantial, beyond fashion but still haute couture, with a whisper of romance and adventure.

If that wasn’t enough, every bud and bloom is uniquely stunning. Its palette of warm yellows, creamy vanilla, ivories and pinks mix together uniquely in every one of its roses.

Peace rose bush, hybrid tea, rose, pink rose, pink rose bouquet

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Its leaves are glossy and dark green. Its buds are rounded garden Rubens. Its flowers, from their first to last day, are amazing and will give you pause... if so much beauty came to one rose, how much more must there be out there for you to see? Peace makes you want to go places.

Fortunately for us, this rose is still widely available. It blooms repeatedly and is a wonderful bouquet rose. When grouped together, it will also make a hedge, and I have known it to tolerate less than ideal soil.

Other roses that look wonderful with Peace

Because of the Peace rose bush's varying cream, warm yellow and pink combination, this rose looks wonderful with other soft pink, cream, white and yellow roses. I think it would look marvelous with a number of roses. If they do well in your Zone and space allows, you could include in your Peace lead garden the constant pink shrub Bonica Rose Bush, the refined shrub with architectural stems and gentle pink flowers Duet, and the cream and vibrant pink trimmed Secret . In the background with the space she needs, another famous pink rose, Queen Elizabeth , would look smashing.

Leaving pink, for just a moment, white, amber, yellow and amethyst colored roses that would dazzle and compliment Peace are the statuesque Lagerfeld , the multi-colored Elle , and the warm and vibrant yellow with pink hues happy Peace offspring, Chicago Peace . This spring, I want to plant several Julia’s near my kitchen window so I can admire them while I burn the food!

For joyous garden romance, if I had the space, I’d mix several Julia Childs with several luscious amethysts washed Wild Blue Yonder . On a windy day, Julia and Wild Blue could go dancing together.

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