Interview with Suzanne Duda from Pink Roses and Other Passions

Suzanne Duda is the author of Pink Roses and other passions. Not only is she an avid blogger, but she also has a unique eye for beautiful vintage creations. She not only has a flair for collecting such items, but also creates many of them. So we were very excited when she took out some time to chat with Pink Rose Delight.

The Interview

1. Suzanne, thanks so much for agreeing to do an interview with us. We find your blog at very entertaining. It was the name of your blog - Pink roses and other passions - that first attracted our attention. How did you single out pink roses amongst the various passions you have?

One of the hardest things about starting a blog, was picking a name. It was hard to choose just a few words to define who I am. I wanted my blog name to reflect my interests, and as I thought about all the things I like and collect-china, linens, vintage postcards and such, I realized that almost everything I buy has pink roses on it! I guess I never actually thought about it until then, but I have a passion for pink roses! After that, the name just seemed to fit.

2. How did you get into blogging?

I started blogging quite by accident 3 years ago. I was reading a copy of Somerset Life magazine, and saw an article on an artist named Pam Garrison. I instantly fell in love with her work, and wanted to know more about her. At the end of the article it said "for more information visit her blog..." I had no idea what a "blog" was, and was amazed when I logged on! From her blog I found out she was teaching a class at an art event called Silver Bella in Omaha, Nebraska and I just knew I had to attend. I signed up, joined my first ever "swap", and part of the swap included show your work on your blog. I had NO idea what I was doing, and never expected anyone to read it, but I just dove in and started a blog!

3. What are the most rewarding aspects of your blogging experience with Pink Roses and other passions? Any challenges?

I could go on for days about the lovely people I have "met" through blogging. The friends I have in my daily real life do not my share my interests in art and collecting and creating. They don't "get" the whole vintage thing, and are constantly asking "what are you going to do with THAT?" My blog friends understand me...we are kindred spirits, separated by distance. I love visiting a blog and seeing the latest flea market finds, or a new way of displaying your collections. I could get lost for hours looking at all of the beauty and inspiration that I find on blogs. That would also be my biggest challenge-finding time to write my own blog, and finding time to visit others and answer emails. I just need a few more hours in the day!

4. What's in the future for you and your blog? Is there anything else you'd like to talk about that might be of interest to our readers?

My blog is just an online journal of my daily life, so it's really very ordinary. I try to share the happy things about my life...things that might be cheerful or inspiring to someone else. I would like to improve my photography skills and finally learn Photoshop. I have been asked to teach classes, and I may, and I might also open an Etsy shop. For years I sold my work at art shows, but took a break from that several years ago. I am thinking it may be time to get back into that. I hope to continue to attend art events, and have the opportunity to meet my blog friends in real life :)

Thanks again Suzanne, for answering these questions for! I am sure our readers will enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful work.

Thanks Dee, it was my pleasure!

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